Stigma and Legitimacy Loss: Professions, Social Judgments, and Symbols in Crime and Punishment

Pozner, J-E, Teh, D, Palmer, D A, Mohliver, A, Hannigan, T R, Model, J, Moore, C, Naumovska, I, Porac, J, Wade, J B and Wernicke, G (2016) Stigma and Legitimacy Loss: Professions, Social Judgments, and Symbols in Crime and Punishment. [Conference proceeding]


In this symposium we present five papers focused on how the judgments of external stakeholders affect the apportionment of the consequences of misconduct. The papers included attack the question in various settings and across levels of analysis, ranging from teachers’ personal comportment to members’ of Parliament misspending to corporate fraud. Yet each paper investigates how social control agents - including the media, institutional investors, stock analysts, and other audiences - draw inferences about the seriousness and severity of infractions, and how these inferences affect the punishments that are assigned to various actors involved. This symposium will generate conversation about both theoretical and empirical questions related to misconduct and ethics, stakeholder relationships, and governance.

Pragmatic or Moral Legitimacy: Effect of Director Capabilities versus Nonprofit Ties on Punishment
Presenter: Daphne Teh; INSEAD

Repeat Offenders: How The Consequences of Firm Misconduct Abate Across Incidents
Presenter: Celia Moore; London Business School
Presenter: Aharon Yehuda Cohen Mohliver; London Business School
Presenter: Jo-Ellen Pozner; Santa Clara U.

The Process of Scandal Formation and the Role of Social Control Agents
Presenter: Timothy R. Hannigan; U. of Alberta
Presenter: James B. Wade; George Washington U.
Presenter: Joseph Porac; New York U.

The Professional Consequences of Misconduct
Presenter: Jacob Model; Stanford U.

Corporate Misconduct and Heterogeneity in the Reputational Penalties to Managers and Directors
Presenter: Ivana Naumovska; INSEAD
Presenter: Georg Wernicke; Copenhagen Business School

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Item Type: Conference proceeding
Subject Areas: Strategy and Entrepreneurship
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Symposium: Moore, C., Cohen-Mohliver, A. and Pozner, J-E. (2016) 'Repeat Offenders: How the Consequences of Firm Misconduct Abate Across Incidents'

Date Deposited: 11 Feb 2020 11:19
Last Modified: 06 Jun 2022 16:24

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