Leader and Employee Well-Being: Identifying Strategies and Overcoming Barriers

Cormier, G, Spreitzer, G M, Giurge, L M, Dael, L, Meister, A, Hu, J, Lanaj, K, Kim, D, Thatcher, S M. B., Cable, D, Gino, F, V. Coutifaris, C, Tussing, D and Ganti, M (2023) Leader and Employee Well-Being: Identifying Strategies and Overcoming Barriers. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023 (1). ISSN 2151-6561


Supporting employee well-being is increasingly critical not only for attracting and retaining employees, but also for encouraging performance. Yet, many leaders and organizations are ill-equipped to effectively foster well-being. This symposium brings together stellar junior and senior academics who will present novel research insights on how to promote and support workplace well-being. Specifically, the set of papers included in the symposium challenge erroneous assumptions about well-being, such as whether and how disclosure of mental health challenges backfires, or whether employees should be solely responsible for maintaining their well-being. Moreover, the papers explore a critical yet often overlooked challenge around workplace well-being, namely, how the well-being of leaders is as, if not more important for supporting the well-being of those they lead. Taken together, this symposium underscores the importance of overcoming barriers to workplace well-being and offers research-driven solutions for protecting the well-being of both leaders and employees.

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Item Type: Article
Subject Areas: Organisational Behaviour
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Date Deposited: 19 Feb 2024 18:12
Subjects: Mental health
Employers liability
Last Modified: 19 Feb 2024 18:12
URI: https://lbsresearch.london.edu/id/eprint/3007

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