Deception in marketing research: ethical, methodological and disciplinary implications

Kimmel, A J and Smith, N C (2000) Deception in marketing research: ethical, methodological and disciplinary implications. Working Paper. London Business School Centre for Marketing Working Paper.


Although marketing researchers often find it necessary to deceive their research participants, little attention has been given within marketing to the ethical issues underlying the use of deception or to the potential consequences of deceptive research practices. This paper provides a conceptual starting point for developing a more complete understanding of deception in marketing research, including an ethical analysis from the viewpoint of consequentialist and deontological theories of moral reasoning. A research agenda is outlined that draws on the extensive behavioral science literature on this topic and includes empirical questions relevant to the ethical, methodological, and disciplinary implications of using deceptive practices in marketing research.

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Item Type: Monograph (Working Paper)
Subject Areas: Marketing
Date Deposited: 05 Sep 2023 15:00
Last Modified: 11 Sep 2023 11:51

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