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Amiraslani, H, Lins, K V, Servaes, H and Tamayo, A (2023) Trust, social capital, and the bond market benefits of ESG performance. Review of Accounting Studies, 28 (2). pp. 421-462. ISSN 1380-6653 OPEN ACCESS

Argawal, S, Mukherjee, A and Naaraayanan, L (2023) Roads and loans. Review of Financial Studies, 36 (4). pp. 1508-1547. ISSN 0893-9454 OPEN ACCESS


Bianchi, F, Gomez Cram, R, Kind, T and Kung, H (2023) Threats to central bank independence: High-frequency identification with twitter. Journal of Monetary Economics, 135. pp. 37-54. ISSN 0304-3932

Bianchi, F, Kung, H and Tirskikh, M (2023) The origins and effects of macroeconomic uncertainty. Quantitative Economics, 14 (3). pp. 855-896. ISSN 1759-7323 OPEN ACCESS

Bryzgalova, S, Huang, J and Julliard, C (2023) Bayesian Solutions for the Factor Zoo: We Just Ran Two Quadrillion Models. Journal of Finance, 78 (1). pp. 487-557. ISSN 0022-1082 OPEN ACCESS

Bryzgalova, S, Pavlova, A and Sikorskaya, T (2023) Retail Trading in Options and the Rise of the Big Three Wholesalers. Journal of Finance, 78 (6). pp. 3465-3514. ISSN 0022-1082 OPEN ACCESS


Chaigneau, P, Edmans, A and Gottlieb, D (2023) How should performance signals affect contracts? Review of Financial Studies. ISSN 0893-9454 OPEN ACCESS

Cooper, I A and Lambertides, N (2023) Optimal Equity Valuation Using Multiples: The Number of Comparable Firms. European Financial Management, 29 (4). pp. 1025-1053. ISSN 1354-7798 OPEN ACCESS

Cooper, I A and Nyborg, K G (2023) LBO valuation using flows-to-equity. In: The Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Private Equity. Springer Nature. ISBN 97830303873891 (In Press)

Corhay, A, Kind, T, Kung, H and Morales, G (2023) Discount Rates, Debt Maturity, and the Fiscal Theory. Journal of Finance, 78 (6). pp. 3561-3620. ISSN 0022-1082 OPEN ACCESS


Edmans, A (2023) Applying economics – not gut feel – to ESG. Financial Analysts Journal, 79 (4). pp. 16-29. ISSN 0015-198X

Edmans, A (2023) The End of ESG. Financial Management, 52 (1). pp. 3-17. ISSN 0046-3892 OPEN ACCESS

Edmans, A (2023) How great companies deliver both purpose and profit. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 21 (3). pp. 465-469. ISSN 1476-5284

Edmans, A, Gosling, T and Jenter, D (2023) CEO compensation: evidence from the field. Journal of Financial Economics. ISSN 0304-405X (In Press) OPEN ACCESS

Edmans, A, Pu, D, Zhang, C and Li, L (2023) Employee satisfaction, labor market flexibility, and stock returns around the world. Management Science. ISSN 0025-1909 (In Press) OPEN ACCESS


Feldhutter, P and Schaefer, S M (2023) Debt dynamics and credit risk. Journal of Financial Economics, 149 (3). pp. 497-535. ISSN 0304-405X OPEN ACCESS


Gomes, J F, Grotteria, M and Wachter, J A (2023) Foreseen Risks. Journal of Economic Theory, 212. p. 105706. ISSN 0022-0531 OPEN ACCESS

Gomez Cram, R and Olbert, M (2023) Measuring the Expected Effects of the Global Tax Reform. Review of Financial Studies, 36 (12). pp. 4965-5011. ISSN 0893-9454 OPEN ACCESS

Gosling, T (2023) Lessons for ESG activists: The case of Sainsbury's and the living wage. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 35 (2). pp. 8-15. ISSN 1078-1196 OPEN ACCESS

Gosling, T and MacNeil, I (2023) Can investors save the planet? NZAMI and fiduciary duty. Capital Markets Law Journal. ISSN 1750-7219 (In Press) OPEN ACCESS

Grotteria, M (2023) Follow the Money. Review of Economic Studies. ISSN 0034-6527 (In Press) OPEN ACCESS


Hennessy, C and Goodhart, C (2023) Goodhart’s Law and Machine Learning: A Structural Perspective. International Economic Review, 64 (3). pp. 1075-1086. ISSN 0020-6598 OPEN ACCESS

Herskovic, B, Kind, T and Kung, H (2023) Micro uncertainty and asset prices. Journal of Financial Economics, 149 (1). pp. 27-51. ISSN 0304-405X (In Press)


Kashyap, A K, Kovrijnykh, N, Li, J and Pavlova, A (2023) Is there too much benchmarking in asset management? American Economic Review, 113 (4). pp. 1112-41. ISSN 0002-8282 OPEN ACCESS

Kilcioglu, Beril (2023) Essays on Common Ownership and Corporate Control. Doctoral thesis, University of London: London Business School.


Lu, Yan, Naik, N and Teo, Melvyn (2023) Diverse Hedge Funds. Review of Financial Studies, 37 (2). pp. 639-683. ISSN 0893-9454 OPEN ACCESS


Pavlova, A and Sikorskaya, T (2023) Benchmarking Intensity. Review of Financial Studies, 36 (3). pp. 859-903. ISSN 0893-9454 OPEN ACCESS


Sahay, Ashish (2023) Essays in Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing. Doctoral thesis, University of London: London Business School.

Seth, Gunjan (2023) Essays in the resolution of bankruptcy and financial distress. Doctoral thesis, University of London: London Business School.

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