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Albarracin, Dolores, Conway, Paul, Laurent, Sean, Laurin, Kristin, Manzi, Francesca, Petrocelli, John V, Rattan, A, Salvador, Cristina E, Stern, Chadly, Todd, Andrew, Touré-Tillery, Maferima, Wakslak, Cheryl and Zou, Xi (2024) Inaugural editorial. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 126 (1). pp. 1-4. ISSN 0022-3514

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Barwise, Patrick (2024) BBC Funding: Much Ado about the Cost of a Coffee a Week. The Political Quarterly. ISSN 1467-923X (In Press) OPEN ACCESS

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De Mol, Christine, Giannone, Domenico and Reichlin, L (2024) The Asymptotic Equivalence of Ridge and Principal Component Regression with Many Predictors. Econometrics and Statistics. ISSN 24523062 (In Press)

Dechow, P, Lawrence, A, Luo, M and Stamenov, V (2024) Media Attention and Event-Based Grouping of Stocks: An Examination of Stocks Hyped by Media Outlets as Benefiting from the Olympics. Management Science. ISSN 0025-1909 (In Press) OPEN ACCESS


Emich, K J, McCourt, M, Lu, L, Ferguson, A and Peterson, R S (2024) Team composition revisited: expanding the team member attribute alignment approach to consider patterns of more than two attributes. Organizational Research Methods, 27 (2). pp. 329-348. ISSN 1094-4281 OPEN ACCESS

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Goudarzi, H, Hesamzadeh, M R, Bunn, D W and Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M (2024) A Strengthened Primal-Dual Decomposition Algorithm for Solving Electricity Market Pricing with Revenue-Adequacy and FFR constraints. IEEE Transactions on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation. ISSN 2771-9626 (In Press)

Grotteria, M (2024) Follow the Money. Review of Economic Studies, 91 (2). pp. 1122-1161. ISSN 0034-6527 OPEN ACCESS


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Lambrecht, A, Tucker, C and Zhang, X (2024) TV Advertising and Online Sales: A Case Study of Intertemporal Substitution Effects for an Online Travel Platform. Journal of Marketing Research, 61 (2). pp. 248-270. ISSN 0022-2437 OPEN ACCESS

Langdon, J A, Helgason, B A, Qiu, J and Effron, D (2024) "It's not literally true, but you get the gist": how nuanced understandings of truth encourage people to condone and spread misinformation. Current Opinion in Psychology, 57. p. 101788. ISSN 2352-250X


Moreno, C G, Sloof, R and Crilly, D (2024) Time is not money! Temporal preferences for time investments and entry into entrepreneurship. Organization Science, 35 (2). pp. 622-643. ISSN 1047-7039 OPEN ACCESS


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Silver, Ike and Berman, J Z (2024) What drives disagreement about moral hypocrisy? Perceived comparability and how people exploit it to criticize enemies and defend allies. Cognition. ISSN 0010-0277 (In Press)

Sonnichsen, S, de Jong, A, Clement, J, Maull, R and Voss, C A (2024) The circular economy: a transformative service perspective. Journal of Service Research. ISSN 1094-6705 (In Press)

Stroube, B and Waguespack, D (2024) Status and Consensus: Heterogeneity in Audience Evaluations of Female - versus Male-Lead Films. Strategic Management Journal. ISSN 0143-2095 (In Press) OPEN ACCESS


van Horen, F, Wanke, M and Mussweiler, T M (2024) When it pays to be clear: the appeal of concrete communication under uncertainty. International Journal of Advertising, 43 (3). pp. 533-553. ISSN 0265-0487 OPEN ACCESS


Yang, T and Kacperczyk, O (2024) The racial gap in entrepreneurship and opportunities inside established firms. Strategic Management Journal, 45 (4). pp. 745-774. ISSN 0143-2095

Yang, Tiantian, Kacperczyk, A and Naldi, Lucia (2024) The Motherhood Wage Penalty and Female Entrepreneurship. Organization Science, 35 (1). pp. 27-51. ISSN 1047-7039


Zahra, Shaker A., Li, Yong, Agarwal, Rajshree, Barney, Jay B., Dushnitsky, G, Graebner, Melissa E., Klein, Peter G. and Sarasvathy, Saras (2024) Developing theoretical insights in entrepreneurship research. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 18 (1). pp. 3-20. ISSN 1932-4391

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